The Committee in Charge of Launching IEMath

Nature and assignment

  • It is conceived as a work committee as intended by Article 40.3 of Law 6/1997, of the 14th April, for the Organization and Performance of the General State Administration.
  • Attached to the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation.


Current members (2013)

  • Presidency:
    • Mr. D. Juan Manuel Viaño Rey, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Santiago, Collaborator of the Directorate General of Scientific and Technical Research.
  • Chairs:
    • Mr D. Joaquim Bruna Floris, Coordinator of the promoter team at the Centre for Mathematical Research node (Centre de Recerca Matemàtica)
    • Mr. D. Juan José Nieto Roig, Coordinator of the promoter team at the IEMath Galicia node.
    • Mr. D. Antonio Ros Mulero, Coordinator of the promoter team at the IEMath-Granada node.
    • Mr. D. Carlos Andradas Herranz, Coordinator of the promoter team at the IEMath-Madrid node.
    • Mr. D. Alfonso Gordaliza Romas, Manager of the Spanish Program in the  area of mathematics.
    • Mr. D. Carlos Vázquez Cendón, Scollaborator of the Manager in the area of mathematics at the General Division of Research Projects of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Secretary).
    • Mr. D. Carlos Parés Madroñal,Coordinator of the Mathematical area at the National Agency for Evaluation and Prospectives.
    • Mr. D. Manuel de León Rodriguez, on behalf of the State Agency Council for Scientific Research.